A brand built on enthusiasm for history

Brandbook for the Museum of National History, developed at Lava in 2010

In 2006, Dutch politicians Jan Marijnissen and Maxime Verhagen wrote a passionate appeal in the newspaper Trouw, for more historic awareness in the Netherlands. ‘A people without history does not exist’. Following this appeal, the plan to establish a national historic museum was launched in 2008. Lava won the pitch to brand this exiting new initiative, and came up with the name INNL.


Two years later, after the start of the first travelling exhibitions  and the virtual museum online, we created a brandbook to capture the  essence of the museum: to provide a stage for stories and images, and to  reach as many Dutch people as possible. The brandbook was developed  along the same lines. In co-operation with the INNL team of curators, we  tell the story of the museum, it's philosophy of storytelling, its  reach in the Netherlands and abroad, the worlds and themes they work  with, we showcase the projects and exhibitions, and provide  inspirational images on the visual identity of INNL. Above all, the brand book is a great read for everyone interested in history. Developed with Lava's amazing Noortje Boer.