Hello / Goodbye


Communication design for the BNO (Association of Dutch Designers), 2012

The BNO Board of Directors is going through a major change: chairman Tom Dorresteijn is saying goodbye after six years, and his successor, Prof. Timo de Rijk, is being presented to the gerenal assembly of members on the 29th of June 2012. The BNO asked me to develop a concept for the day. Each public event is an opportunity for every organization to go beyond speeching and festivities, but to tell your audience what it is you do, why that matters, and how it matters for the audience. Therefore, the hello/goodbye party is also a great opportunity to show the BNO members what has been achieved under Dorresteijn's supervision in the past six years. 



Bring it to life

Presenting a fact based powerpoint to an audience creates a very formal atmosphere. Therefore, I've designed a larger than life roadmap of results, and animated it. Director Rob Huisman will guide the audience through the presentation, giving his view on each result.