Designing a merger

Visual identity for AG2R LA MONDIALE, developed at Studio Dumbar, 2009 

For newly merged french insurance company AG2R LA MONDIALE, Studio Dumbar developed a new visual identity in 2008/2009, for which I was project leader. The  stunning, bold and colorful design was developed with Studio Dumbars Rejane dal Bello (lead-design), Danny Kreeft, Nikki v. Onna, Jean-Baptiste Raynal, Unit Design Frankfurt (signage and 3d) and Elodie Boyer, our French strategic consultant.

The identity spans all ALM's markets (b2b, b2c, private banking)  and communication channels (print, web, advertising). The identity was adapted to 3 dimensions for signage and animation. 




Together with Unit Design in Frankfurt, we developed the signage for the headquarters and offices as well as the 100+ shops throughout France. The 3d version of the 2d  symbol was a joy to work on. The symmetrical aspect of the logo made it ideal for a flag sign, and we researched materials and dimensions  extensively. The variation of office facades made the implementation program a real challenge.


alm 55.jpg

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 5.43.57 PM.png

Photography database

With photographer Benni Valsson we developed a database of 50 portraits. Benny is in the habit of shooting portraits of the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourgh and Leonardo di Caprio, and campaigns for Uniqlo and Petit Bateau, but he was kind enough to help us out with our more modest assignment. With his nordic touch, Benni gave the photo's just enough realism to hit our Dutch standard of everyday people, while keeping enough beauty to fit the needs of the French market. Benni is represented by the supreme Carole Lambert.


Internal communication

The identity launch was celebrated at the corporate headquarters on the Blvd Haussmann. We developed lots of items, from CCTV screens, to banners, to scarves, mugs and keychains.



Tour de France sponsoring

ALM is an active sponsor of sport activities. The identity was therefore also extended to the ALM tour de france team, and Transat sailing team. The development of the eventstyles and teamoutfits for these events is a chapter entirely on its own. We were very honoured to be part of these events, and once again the clients vision and their openness towards our ideas was incredible.


It must have been a dream come true for some French designers, but our team really had to get used to the honor of branding the complete team, gear and fleet of the ALM tour de france team. Once again, our client, Emmanuel Chazelet, gave us complete confidence and freedom to take on the job, even though we had never done it before. In the end, favoring a branding agency over a sportsmarketing agency paid off: the unconventional way of looking at the teamshirt made it stand out from the crowd. We were obviously inspired by the red and wit dotted winner shirt, as well as by the retro, easy going shirts of the mid 20th century. The amount of items to be done was enormous: everything from cars to motor bikes to bidons, caps, gloves, sleeves, socks, jackets, crewshirts, curtains, stickers, helmets, umbrella's, screens and more. Managing the quality of the production was also a challange, with producers being on a very critical timepath.