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CURRENTLY WORKING ON a future scenario for a museum, the private label of a Dutch retail chain, a campaign on fair fashion and a brand for a new creative learning startup. 

THNK it forward

News /  This spring, I'm joining THNK, the Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership, for a 18 month part-time executive program. THNK is a school on a mission: to develop the next generation of creative leaders that will have a societal impact on the world.

From Tromsø to London

News / WorksThatWorks issue 3 is out, and we are traveling across the world to celebrate its launch. From the 25th until the 27th, we will be in Tromsø Norway, and on the 7th and 8th of April I will speak in London / Read on


Teaming up with Interbrand

Cooperations / From september 2012 until june 2013, I teamed up with Interbrand as Creative Director of their Amsterdam office. You can find two of the resulting cases online now: Dutch Drugstore chain Etos and global fashion retailer C&A

Designistan: a new place for design

New initiatives / I founded Designistan, a new place for design content, which combines my work in design curation, research, writing and education into one crucible for design initiatives / Read on

New home base in The Hague

News / From the 1st of October, my office is located at Buitenom 18, in the center of The Hague. 


Opening up the archive

Playground / Over the years my illustrational work has taken a backseat to my writing and research projects, so I decided to once again open up the vaults to share some of that work. It's like wine, some age well, others turn to vinegar. 


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